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Csjh Comeback?!
Serdar am 26.06.2009 um 09:46 (UTC)
 CSJH rumoured to make a comeback later this year!
Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Korea

CSJH The Grace, also known as TSZX, are preparing for their comeback this year. While the plans for it being a Korean comeback or a Japanese comeback is still up in the air, Korean Shapleys have been notified that all four members (including Stephanie!) are currently working hard for a comeback in the second half of 2009.

Stephanie's back was injured late 2008, which forced her to withdraw from promotion activities for their Japanese mini-album Dear, but fans are saying that she injured her ankle in the United States, and thus postponed any future plans of an earlier comeback.

Meanwhile, DANA from CSJH will be holding a birthday party on July 19th.

In other news, the schedule for SMTOWN concert that was announced earlier for August 16th, 2009 has been tentatively removed. A representative from SM confirms that the date is still in negotiation.

Rumor Mill
Serdar am 24.06.2009 um 09:17 (UTC)
first time posting here

a few news to tell you guys

first, there had been a unconfirmed rumour posted in dreaming cafe, it basically says that steph's aunt(relative?) who's a Physical Education teacher in Korea said steph had fully recovered from her injuries long ago, but she injured herself again on the ankle while doing a ballet performance in the states. She is fine now and will have a perfect comeback.

second, the smtown concert schedule posted on the stadium website is removed and a representative from SM had confirmed that the date is still in negotiation

third, the girls are currently working very hard getting ready for their comeback, Sharpleys, which are us, just need to be a bit more patient. (From SM's plans, i think it is after SNSD's Comeback)

lastly, DANA is having a birthday party on the 19th of July

GreeBlogs for 06/16 - 06/19
Serdar am 20.06.2009 um 08:31 (UTC)
 Sunday - Waking up in the morning (06/16)

Everyone, this is Sunday.
If you feel tired in the morning, it's good to drink water!
The water helps to make you feel more awake!
Sunday is very energized in the morning because I'm always drinking water.
Whenever you feel thirsty, make sure to drink water.
This has been Sunday.

Dana - Now it's PresidentD's Turn (06/17)

Eating bread.
It's very delicious!
Everyone, is it lunch time?
What to eat?
Make sure you eat a lot!
Enjoy your food! [i](She wrote this in Korean, and with my limited Korean I translated it as this. Sorry if it sounds... lame)[/i]

Sunday - Tomorrow (06/17)

Tomorrow I will upload pictures of Sunday's Choice memories.
Please expect them.

ImageBanana - 15x236d.jpg

Oh dear...

ImageBanana - f4ijhd.jpg

To everyone, thank you.
Thank you so much.

ImageBanana - 1o6tf6.jpg

Lives are really fun.

ImageBanana - 2ppmsmg.jpg

I want to do another live!!!

ImageBanana - qrdlhi.jpg

^O^ Cool~

Dana - BossD's Memories (06/18)

Tomorrow I will take part in sharing my memories.
Looking through the photos, it is a little bittersweet.
Without you all, I would not be President!
You all are so kind!!
I love you!!

Lina - Good Morning (06/19)

This is Lina.
Upload some pictures of BossD?
Want some pictures of Aniki?
^______^ Looking forward to sharing!

TenjoMail for 06/18
Serdar am 20.06.2009 um 08:28 (UTC)
 Tenjochiki*Chiki, broadcasted on osaka fm, will have it's last show Wednesday, June 24th.

Thanks for your messages and requests.

Tenjochiki would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

Source: TenjoMail, xman150 @ Soompi

GreeBlog for 06/15
Serdar am 16.06.2009 um 14:30 (UTC)
 Lina - A Good Way to Study (6/15)

Everyone, this is Aniki.
First, I want to teach you all a good way to study
On "Tenjochiki*Chiki," when doing my Korean (language) course, I thought of these:
① With daily listening, even listening once a day is helpful!
- Look at the way they talk with their mouth, it is a whole different experience
(She means, listen to the language being spoken and also how it is being spoken. Study the way people who speak Korean form words, as in mouth shapes, etc.)
② Practice with anyone (even Japanese people)!
- Teaching people () is a way to study also
(Practicing with non-fluent people or people who know nothing of the language is beneficial also. You can learn something new teaching things to other people)
③ Study as much as possible!
- For example, the drama "Pride" is coming out, maybe you want to watch it
(Use every chance available. Also, I don't know about the drama "Pride," and she wrote "maybe" in English so...)

Everyone, work together and support these rules!
Study hard!

GreeBlogs for 06/10
Serdar am 11.06.2009 um 14:13 (UTC)
 Dana - Preparing for the Summer

ImageBanana - 8821efbf_640.jpg

It will be summer soon
It is already getting hot~
I don't want it to get too hot
Tenjochiki is not ready right now but we want to tell you, (Not sure about this line to be honest...)
To eat Samugetan (Samugetan is a Korean stew... thing)
BossD has already begun eating!

Lina, Dana, Sunday - Our Important Staff

ImageBanana - 24wadmx.jpg

Decided to take a picture with the radio staff

Sunday - Already
Of Summer and Samugetan
I was thinking about, but the President...
BossD already wrote about it
This was Sunday

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