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Rumor Mill: September 4th Comeback Rumors
Serdar am 23.07.2009 um 07:29 (UTC)
 As usual, the following rumor is speculative and may or may not be true. Please don't take it as official news or confirmation from SM or Avex.

Eva from the main website saw some HF (?) on the Korean fancafes
talking about an album release sometime on the fourth of September

There is no real proof to back this up, it's just to make everyone happy
When there is official news, it'll be put up

source: csjh baidu bar

SMTown Europa Projekt – macht mit!
Serdar am 19.07.2009 um 11:22 (UTC)
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Zeigt The Grace und allen anderen SM Town Künstlern, dass sie weit über die Grenzen Asiens hinaus bekannt und vor allem geliebt sind! Wie das geht, erfahrt ihr auf

Bei Fragen wendet euch einfach an uns Admins. Außerdem könnt ihr euch im Forum mit anderen Fans über das Projekt austauschen:

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SMTOWN Live 2009
Serdar am 18.07.2009 um 10:26 (UTC)
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SMTown Live 2009 wurde jetzt am 16. August angekündigt.

Mit dabei sind Gruppen wie Super Junior, SNSD, TVXQ, Jang Ri In, and Shinee.

Einige Künstler werden aber auf den Plakaten vermisst(TSZX, BoA, and Trax [Air]), es ist allerdings noch unklar wer der "special guest" sein wird.

Here Remix (unoffiziell)
Serdar am 12.07.2009 um 10:28 (UTC)

Im Internet erscheinen jetzt endlich selbstgemachte Remixe zu Tenjochiki

Eine Woche Pause
Serdar am 02.07.2009 um 21:19 (UTC)
 Das TCW Team nehmt sich Urlaub und ist eine Woche nicht verfügbar, im Forum sind die Moderatoren alle noch ansprechbar. Daher werden hier erstmal keine neuen News stehen, die aber nachgetragen werden.

-TCW Team-

Stephanie Maxim Interview: One More Time, Sexy!
Serdar am 01.07.2009 um 08:25 (UTC)
 www.ImageBanana.net - 2rx8yyo.jpg

One More Time, Sexy!
Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace's Stephanie came to visit us.
Frank, candid, and a great body!

-- Before we begin I have to ask. Do you consider yourself a woman or a young girl?
This year I became 20 during the Coming of Age ceremony. So, I feel I am a woman.

-- So before then you felt like a young girl?
No, I've actually felt like a woman for a while. Since I finished middle school I've had to begin working when I came to Korea and lived alone. Also, you need to be strong to survive in the entertainment industry. People will look at me like I'm a boring child. I am neither a young child nor a lady!

-- Since being an adult, how do you think you've changed from being a young girl?
If I meet a guy I like, I act like a young girl. If I were to meet a guy like Josh Hartnett or Ashton Kutcher, my heart would start beating away. I really like foreign actors. I also like Ben Affleck.

-- Are there any Korean actors you like?
I didn't mention any because I have a sort of charisma. I went to the same hairdresser as Mr. Cheong Woo Seong and when I met him I didn't act shocked. I think other people would act a little more animated in that situation.

-- So you didn't have any feelings for him?
It was strong. Very strong. Since I am also an entertainer we can't have close interaction, but I did feel something.

-- In your personal time, do you guys experience any jealously between the group members?
You can probably see our best interactions on reality shows. Of course none of the members are jealous of me. I do not know if they are jealous of each other, but since I am the maknae who debuted last, I rely on my sunbaes for advice and support. But mouths are usually closed when it comes to dancing though. (Laughs)

-- Your dancing is very strong. Is it painful?
I've had back pain in the past. From the age of five I've been practicing ballet. Hip hop and wave dancing are also painful. But not dancing hurts more. So I continue.

-- Ms. Stephanie is as flexible as a mollusk! If you woke up tomorrow as a squid, what would you do?
Well... do squids have brains?

-- Of course. Very, very small though.
I'll jump into the ocean. I won't be able to breath. I won't be able to drink the ocean water. What would you do?

-- Probably take a shower. If a man came after you, what would you do?
A squid has 10 legs right? I'd probably be able to run faster than whoever is chasing me.

-- I guess you don't have to worry about getting caught. Has there ever been a time when you've had to run away from someone?
I try not to run away. I always do things face-to-face. My mom believes that not running away is the right thing to do. I think it's better to think before acting. It would be tiring to run away from things all day. I do whatever I think is natural.

-- If you think about it, you should always do what you should.
(Laughs) It can be annoying to do that. Especially when I think something is of low quality. It's frustrating because you don't want to cry in front of anyone.

-- You're a really strong woman. How was life when you first came to Korea?
During my training days, I would rush back to the hostel if I had a good day. At the time, the walls of my room were decorated with photos of me doing ballet from when I was in America and looking at them would make me cry. Before I debuted, I had a lot of insecurities over the future and looking at those pictures felt like looking at a different person.

-- Have you regretted giving up ballet.
No, not once. When I first decided to become a singer, I promised to never have regret over my decision.

-- Instead of regret, what goes through your mind?
I sometimes do ballet when we aren't on television. Just practicing ballet gives me energy. Truthfully, life as a ballerina is short. This is why children are pushed into it so young. In entertainment, it is the same as a singer becoming a composer. But a ballerina does not understand life without dancing on stage. Even if they aren't very good.

-- How do you manage anti-fans?
I'm computer illiterate. (Laughs)

-- That's probably the best then. When you have time what do you do? Go to the club? Go out drinking?
I don't like randomly going around outside. I'd rather stay at home, drink coffee and read the newspaper. Since I was little I've preferred staying at home. Me and my parents would be in the living room, they would be drinking coffee and I would drink water. It's probably unusual, but I enjoy listening to classical music. Usually the volume is low.

-- That's always enjoyable. What is the craziest thing someone has said to you?
Can I use the squid question? (Laughs) That was a pretty unusual question. If another person asks me what was my most memorable interview, I'll use that.

-- What type of person do you like?
A man who likes the classics and fine art. It's not easy to meet someone who is an exact match though. Someone to talk with over a cup of coffee. But I hate talking about my personal life. I can't be around someone who only talks about themselves. I also don't like when people ask me about the lives of the other members.

-- Don't women use talking as a way to release stress?
It has become a habit for me. When I was in America taking ballet I enjoyed being alone more, because whenever I talked with others it never ended well. I can't change that now. I prefer to be the mysterious entertainer. (Laughs)

-- How do you manage your money?
When I was in America, my parents never gave me an allowance. So I manage it myself. I recently started in stocks.

-- Stocks rely on long term investment. Have you had any yet?
Not yet. After a while the return on investment should be good. Another two months should help it improve. I can't deal too much in the smaller stocks. I'll probably do more around October.

-- Directly managing your money allows you to buy what you want. What is the most expensive thing you have bought?
My bed.

-- Why a bed?
I have a bad back, so it is very important. So I bought a big bed when I got to Korea.

-- You bought a bed based on science?
Yes, that reason! (Laughs)

-- Last question. Who is your role model?
Beyonce. It is my dream to become the Beyonce of Korea. At first, I didn't think Beyonce could sing. It was a misunderstanding. She is a really powerful singer! She is also a great dancer, balancing being sexy and nice. I want people to say "Stephanie will give a great performance no matter where she is" and make them want to become singers!

-- Haven't you already achieved your dream?

Source: Maxim Korea
Date: August 2007

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