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More Info on Sunday and H-Euguene Performance
Serdar am 25.11.2009 um 06:44 (UTC)
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This is the song Sunday will be performing. Joo Hee is currently rehearsing for 8Eight's first live concert, so Sunday will take her place during all live performances of the song.

CSJH Official Korean Website Schedule Updated
Serdar am 25.11.2009 um 06:41 (UTC)
 Sunday's upcoming activities have been added to the girls schedule on their Korean site:

천상지희 The Grace Official Website - The Grace Notice
2009-11-21 【생방송】PM 04:20 MBC-TV 쇼! 음악중심 ‘사랑경보 - feat. Sunday’ (일산 MBC 드림센터 공개홀 - 남문입장..

2009-11-20 【생방송】PM 06:40 KBS-2TV 뮤직뱅크 ‘사랑경보 - feat. Sunday’ (KBS 별관 공개홀)


11/21/09 - 4:20 PM MBC 'H-Euguene - Love Warning feat. Sunday'
11/20/09 - 6:40 PM KBS2 Music Bank 'H-Euguene - Love Warning feat. Sunday'

CSJH’s Sunday back on Korean stage after a long absence?
Serdar am 24.11.2009 um 11:49 (UTC)
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Sunday, from the "almost forgotten" 4 member group, CSJH, will be back on a music program after 2 long years!

It's hard to believe that this mildly promoted group is in the same company as SNSD, no?

According to KBS2TV's Music Bank website, Sunday is listed on the performers lists for this week's show. She is set to feature for hip-hip artist H-Eugene's performance, pitching in her vocals.

H-Eugene on the 18th said, "'Love Alarm' was a song originally recorded by Nora Eights. I'm pretty good friends with Sunday and when I asked her to feature for me, she readily accepted."

The last time we saw CSJH was when they were promoting One More Time, Ok? back in 2007. After that, they have been just doing activities in Japan.

Stay tuned here on allkpop for her, and maybe even CSJH's comeback!

"By L Style" Clarification
Serdar am 24.11.2009 um 11:47 (UTC)
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This post is to give clarification on Lina's new company "By L Style" and it's relation to SM, TVXQ and CSJH. The majority of these views are by fan speculation from CSJH's Soompi Thread, replies to the allkpop post, and various other sources. Nothing is set in stone, but these are the most obvious developments:

1. What is "By L Style"?
- "By L Style" is an online fashion mall (like an online clothing store) based in Korea. Lina is the CEO, Chief Stylist, and model for the company. The website is currently up and active, it can be viewed at http://www.byl.co.kr/ (link).

2. In relation to the TVXQ thing
- The different between this venture and the TVXQ controversy is that Lina owns the store. The three members of TVXQ (JaeJoong, Junsu and Yoochun) were investors in a Chinese cosmetics company. Other artists on SM have had their own side business ventures while still being under the company (BoA's jewelry company, Dana's nail salon and Yoochun's gelato company). Based on BoA, Dana and Yoochun's companies, it is believed SM does not want their artists to invest in other companies, but they are free to start their own companies.

3. What about CSJH?
- Just because Lina opened a new business venture does not mean that CSJH is done. Although their original hiatus was believed to be because of Stephanie's injury, it is unsure what her condition is or when the 2010 comeback date is.

4. The 2010 Comeback
- Despite all the false alarms of a comeback in the second half of 2009, it was officially announced by the girls during a live performance in Japan that they would return to Korea until 2010. When exactly in 2010 is unsure.

Finally, although TSZXN will not update on the girl's various blog posts that are unrelated to a CSJH group development, we will follow and report on their outside ventures. Meaning, we will report on any news concerning "Style by L."

CSJH’s Lina is a CEO
Serdar am 24.11.2009 um 11:45 (UTC)
 CSJH's member Lina has become the CEO of a shopping mall. She has recently launched a shopping mall by the name of by L Style.

Lina was very involved in the whole process, even styling and modeling the clothes herself. The first collection will hit the runway just in time for the fall/winter season.

In response to this, fans left comments like, "I was curious about what CSJH was up to since the girls haven't been very active. But I'm glad to hear that you have become a shopping mall boss," and "I hope you hit it big as both a singer and shopping mall CEO."

CSJH has been inactive as a group due to Stephanie's injury that happened last March.

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Entschuldigung !
Serdar am 24.11.2009 um 11:39 (UTC)
 Ich und das Tenjo-Chiki-World Team wollen uns entschuldigen, durch Zeitlichen Problemen ist es uns nicht gelungen täglich zu aktualisieren ! Die News werden aber alle noch dazu getragen, demnächst wird hier auch mehr los sein.

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