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Frohes neues Jahr !
Serdar am 31.12.2009 um 23:46 (UTC)
 Wir hoffen ihr habt schön gefeiert oder feiert gerade ! Und hoffen das ihr einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahrzehnt hattet.

Von uns auch ein frohes neues Jahr 2010 !

CSJH’s Stephanie becomes a dance student
Serdar am 30.12.2009 um 15:05 (UTC)
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What more can this dancing diva learn? CSJH's Stephanie became a dance student at The Korean National University of Arts in the dance major.

She got accepted and will start attending classes in 2010. I'm not surprised she got accepted, she's known for being one of the best dancers in k-pop.

Her company, SM Entertainment, commented, "She did get accepted. She will be a new student in the graduating class of 2013. She's always wanted to learn more about dancing so she practiced hard for this opportunity."

She's done ballet since she was a little girl and has won numerous dance competitions. Maybe she's meant to do just dancing rather than be part of a group.

Frohe Weihnachten !
Serdar am 24.12.2009 um 12:17 (UTC)
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Ein frohes Fest wünscht ihnen auch dieses Jahr das TCW Team. Lasst euch beschenken. ;)

Leeteuk and Dana next on We Got Married?
Serdar am 17.12.2009 um 19:46 (UTC)
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There were rumors flying around that Super Junior's Leeteuk and CSJH's Dana might be next on We Got Married.

However, Jung Yoon Jung PD from the show cleared things up quickly, "I've heard about those rumors as well but it is not true. We interview a lot of people to be on our show, but they haven't even been interviewed by us."

After Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Jun announced their departure from the show recently, a lot of netizens have been speculating on who's next in line to replace them.

One netizen even said that they spotted Leeteuk and Dana shooting something together. But for now, it seems that the rumors are just false.

But do you think they would've made a good couple?

KARA’s Gyuri could have been in CSJH?
Serdar am 17.12.2009 um 19:44 (UTC)
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KARA's Park Gyuri was on today's episode of Sang Sang Plus Season 2.

Gyuri shared how she almost got chosen for CSJH The Grace, the SM Entertainment girl group that includes Sunday, Dana, Stephanie and Lina.

She said, "When I was in 7th grade, I auditioned for SM Entertainment. The director of the company really liked me. He told me he liked my eyes because they reminded him of Kangta's eyes. Then he told me I should do a duet with Dana. I almost got chosen to be part of CSJH, actually."

Come to think of it, Gyuri does look a bit like Kangta! It's weird to think Gyuri could've been part of the SME family.

H-Eugene and CSJH’s Sunday ring the “Love Alarm”
Serdar am 25.11.2009 um 06:47 (UTC)
 After two very long years, CSJH member Sunday finally reclaims her position on the stage during her collaboration performance with rapper H-Eugene for his comeback single, Love Alarm.

H-Eugene is very well known in the kpop world for his collaborations with very popular artists. Previous singers such as YeEun of the Wonder Girls, Bae Seul Gi, and Lyn were just some of the artists featured in some of his earlier works. Although Love Alarm originally featured 8eight's Joo Hee on the actual mini album, today's Music Bank performance put life back into at least one of the members of the inactive SM girl group The Grace.

Check out the comeback of two very talented artists right here:


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